“Come on! What are you waiting for?” says Snowball in a wheelbarrow


Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Your commitment means a lot to our shelter cats and our staff!

There are many ways to volunteer

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful volunteers that have made PuRR Project what is is today. The dedication, hard work and commitment shown by present & past volunteers has made a huge difference in the lives our PuRR Project cats!

Each one brought their special gifts & knowledge. Keep up the good work and thanks a million!

You can…

» Drive the vet to the shelter either Monday afternoon or Thursday morning. About 5 hours including travel time. While there, you can choose to:

  • Assist the vet in the clinic. This is not for everyone, it’s wonderful work to help those cats and kittens that are not feeling well. On the job training provided
  • Socialize with the kittens ready for adoption. The more accustomed they are to a “good” human touch, the better they’ll do in their new forever homes

» Foster a kitten that needs a little extra TLC and socialization that can help it’s chance for adoption

» Help out at Adoption Days every Friday and on Saturdays during high season. Help set up / take down, transport the kittens, talk with prospective families, etc….

» Help to organize fundraising events. We run solely on donations and need fun and successful events

» Be a Tour Leader on organized shelter visits during the high season

» Do written translations – English to Spanish / Spanish to English

» Volunteer to assist at Kitty BINGO or any of our fundraising events

» Take professional type photographs of our cats

» Construction work – PuRR Project always has construction and repair needs. If you are willing to donate your time to work, we’ll find donations to purchase the materials!

» Virtual Adoption Coordinator: someone to find folks to virtually adopt – and then keep them posted on how their particular feline is doing….with periodic emails and photos

» Assist at the free Spay Neuter Clinics held on the Isla Cuale the first Sunday of each month

Constantly needed items

Contact us for more information or if YOU have other ideas on how you can help

» Old sheets and pillow cases

» Old towels – large, small and face

» Bath mats

» Cat toys!

» Scratching posts

» Kitty litter – Costco Brand that “clumps tight”

» Royal Canin Development Kitten food (found at Veterinary Clinics)

» Cans of “a/d” wet cat food – “Hill’s Prescription – Science Diet”

» “KMR” brand powdered milk for bottle feeding tiny kittens

» Nutrigel – oral vitamin supplement – brown gel, comes in a large tube (like toothpaste)

» Clorox liquid bleach

» Pet carriers – especially the large hard plastic ones – we use them for ‘bedrooms’ during the rainy season or cool winter nights

» Litter boxes – very large and deep – made of hard plastic

» Fabuloso type liquid cleaners

» Raid “House & Garden” aerosol cans

» Hand sanitizer gel

» Cat trees

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