PuRR Project - Header June 2017

Newsletter – June 1st 2017


PuRR Project - Macho's house

Macho’s House “Before”

Thanks to a generous donation from Carol & Charlie McCullough, the renovation of Macho’s House was completed in May! Like the nursery renovation, we used the same basic structure, but raised the roof so we could add a ceiling fan and lighting. We added new screening and door. The interior is completely tiled for easy cleaning and also has tiled benches. PLUS….the cats have steps leading up to a little observation deck where they can keep an eye on the whole compound!

PuRR Project - Macho's house after

Macho’s House “After”

(Charlie & Carol also adopted “Sombro” from the shelter plus have FIFTEEN Virtually Adopted cats they support!! MEOW!)


PuRR Project - Tucson Ruthie

Tucson & Ruby in the Nursery

Tucson has been in the PuRR Nursery since last November and is now about 9 months old. He is a handsome Siamese type kitty, but has not had enough human contact and is still a bit shy. He just needs some good lovin’!!

Ruby arrived at PuRR in April of 2016 along with her mother and four tiny siblings…..a rescue by Bonnie Cretzman. She is a beautiful and friendly but it is unfortunate that “Torties” are not as favored as some breeds and she will end up in the yard soon if not given a chance at a Furr-ever Home. If you are interested in adopting of one our many “teenagers”, contact Linda at adopt@purrproject.com for more information.


PuRR Project - Mariposa and Julie at airport

Julie & Mariposa at the airport

Although our official Shelter Tours ended in March, we always try to make an effort to take visitors out……especially if they want to adopt a cat!!! Last month Volunteer Linda took out several very special visitors. Heather Sullivan and Julie Williams each chose a special kitty to take back to Colorado with them (Heather’s second PuRR adoption!). Margaret Greso-Swarm of Bucerias spent time with every available kitten and adult before choosing “Veronica” for her family.

PuRR Project - cats

Cathy’s foster kittens

Cathy Case wanted to put her special skills as a wildlife rehabilitator to use by fostering some of the newest kittens who needed special care. Dra. Eva sent her home to Nuevo Vallarta with four babies and Cathy reports they are thriving and will soon be ready for adoption. She is having them vaccinated and spayed or neutered by her own vet which really helps Eva since we have so many little ones to care for now!

PuRR Project - Lee and Heidi - Apr-27

Lee & Heidi at the shelter

After their visit, Lee & Heidi Mathias of California donated funds to insulate the clinic ceiling, install new screens and also pay for the new septic tank we desperately need. On previous visits, they have purchased a new washing machine at Tio Sam’s and started a fund to build the rain shelter.


PuRR Project - Meatballs

Sharon, Livia & Eva making meatballs!

We first met Sharon about a year ago when she rescued two Siamese kittens near her home in Nuevo Vallarta. When they were not adopted, she stepped up and decided that SHE would give Frankie & Gracie their Forever Home! She also decided to volunteer weekly to help Dra. Eva at the shelter and is now our chief “Cat Bather”……and whatever else needs doing! This week it was making and serving dozens of “meatballs” which is how we administer parasite meds to 130+ cats who live in the yard……it’s their favorite day of the month!


PuRR Project - Cat Tree

Kittens in Kat Tree

If you are interesting in making a donation to PuRR Project, we could use a couple more cat trees. They sell them at COSTCO here for around $1,800 pesos. We also need a new washing machine! They have a 22K large volume one at Tio Sam’s for only $7,599. Contact Linda at donate@purrproject.com if you can help.

And remember……You can now support PuRR Project every time you shop on Amazon!! Just log in at https://smile.amazon.com/ and they will ask you to pick a charity before you shop. Enter PURR PROJECT USA, Milton DE, and a percentage of all your purchases will be donated to PuRR. It’s that simple……and every little bit helps support our shelter kitties! If you live in the Vallarta area, you can also bring your gently used clothing to the Deja New consignment store at Jacarandas #280 in Old Town and ask that it be credited to the PuRR Project account.


For info on adopting dogs go to www.spcapv.com or contact janice@haciendasanangel.com or spcapv@gmail.com

PEACE-Logo-web For info on spay and neuter clinics go to www.peaceanimals.org Or check out this blog at: www.gretchen-peace-and-pv.blogspot.com