We are SO pleased that you are interested in donating to PuRR Project!


Your donations provide much needed medicines, veterinary care & food

We are a non-profit

Our shelter is supported solely by donations. As of yet, we have no government funding or corporate sponsorships of any kind. However, we are grateful for all assistance and continuous generosity, which will enable our NON-PROFIT project to flourish.

PuRR Project has acquired its 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Status!!!. Tax exempt receipts for US Dollar donations deposited in the US are NOW available.

Ways to Donate

Click below to make your donation


Mexico Donations:
For all donations from Mexico
by check, cash or wire transfer,
please contact our administrator at:

Or even better, we can save a lot on PayPal fees
if you make out your check to:
PuRR Project USA Inc. and mail to:
PuRR Project USA, Inc.
113 Mountain Laurel Drive
Milton, DE. 19968

Other ideas!

» Join our Food for Felines program!

With our current numbers, it costs about 32 US dollars per day to feed our entire population of adult cats as well as our kittens. For only 32 dollar per month, you would be feeding about 260 cats/kittens for one day!

Our goal is to bring in donations to cover our entire food cost monthly! And when we reach our goal we will ask your permission to publish your name as a FOOD FOR FELINES donor.

Your donation will help PuRR Project to not only provide food for our felines, but to continue providing the good, nourishing Diamond brand food that has given our cats a great boost in their health and well-being..

For approximately 260 felines:

  • 32 US dollars covers our costs for 1 day
  • 64 US dollars covers 2 days
  • 96 US dollars covers 3 days
  • 128 US dollars covers 4 days
  • 160 US dollars covers 5 days
  • 192 US dollars covers 6 days
  • 224 US dollars covers 1 week

» Virtually adopt a cat!

If you are not able to physically adopt a cat and take it home with you, but would like to help, you can also ’virtually’ adopt! Just click the button below and browse through our Virtual Adoption gallery or email us and we’ll choose one for you.
Cost: 120 USD / year (only 10 USD / month)

» Shop & Give!

Support PuRR Project every time you shop with amazonsmile!!
A percentage of all your purchases will be donated to PuRR Project.

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