PuRR Project has the purrrfect cat for you and your family!

Give one of our sweet cats a home

There are different way to adopt a PuRR Project cat

Adopt a cat or kitten

At our “Adoption Day” booths in Puerto Vallarta:

  • PLAZA MARINA: Year-Round on Friday from 11:00 to 2:00 in the rotunda in front of Comercial Mexicana.
  • DAIQUIRI DICKS: November through March on Saturday from 10:00 to 1:00.

Or you can VISIT PuRR Project with advance notice to our site administrator to view those ready for adoption at the shelter. Contact Linda at

Are you ready to adopt a cat?

  • Are all of the people who live in my house in agreement with adopting this cat?
  • Does anyone have allergies?
  • Am I financially prepared? (vet bills for vaccinations or if kitty gets sick? And to purchase quality cat food appropriate for it’s age, etc…?)
  • Do I have a Litter box, Litter, pooper scooper, a carrier for vet visits, food and water bowls?
  • Who will take care of my cat if I travel?
  • Cats need to live either exclusively indoors – or – indoors and outdoors. Am I prepared for this?

We ask for a minimum donation of $300 pesos (about $15 dollars) per kitty.

Our actual cost is about $100 USD per kitten to get it prepared for adoption, including testing for FIV/Leukemia, deworming, vaccinations, spay or neuter and quality Kitten Development food.

Virtually adopt

If you are not able to physically adopt a cat and take it home with you, but would like to help, you can also “virtually” adopt!
Choose a cat below & click the paypal button or

  • ANA is a beautiful Tortie who was abandoned at the shelter and is now Miss August in the PuRR Project 2017 calendar.

    PuRR Project - Ana
  • With stunning calico markings Honey is as sweet as her name!

    PuRR Project - Honey
  • Easily recognized by his moustache, our feline Charlie Chaplin is not shy in front of a camera.

    PuRR Project - Charlie Chaplin
  • Brisa is a sweet little girl with soft and unusual burgundy and white fur.

    PuRR Project - Brisa
  • Snowball is an older male who does not care to be approached by humans……except at mealtimes! He will be able to live out his life in the security of our sheltered grounds.

    PuRR Project - Snowball
  • PIPPA is a beauty who prefers to stay out of the spotlight and away from the local paparazzi!

    PuRR Project - Pippa
  • Bianca’s unusual black nose makes her easy to spot in a crowd of kitties. Cataracts have left her blind in one eye, but she seems happy with life at the PuRR shelter.

    PuRR Project - Bianca
  • Pearl is a beautiful Russian Blue type cat with silvery/blue fur… very shy….or maybe just knows she’s an aristo-cat?

    PuRR Project - Pearl
  • Tecate sees the world through his one beautiful blue eye. The other was badly infected when our vet rescued him at El Tigre golf course in Nuevo Vallarta.

    PuRR Project - Tecate
  • MAYBELLINE was given her shelter name by visitors who noticed her eyes looked like she uses mascara!

    PuRR Project - Maybelline
  • With very unusual black & white markings, Yardley is unique in the yard.

    PuRR Project - Yardley
  • Simona our star greeter… Her fav. spot is on a shoulder. Born with bowed front legs and cross-eyed, she needs special meds for her legs.

    PuRR Project - Simona
  • GULLIVER is a handsome ginger male, an Isla Cuale rescue and also Mr. June in the PuRR Project 2017 calendar!

    PuRR Project - Gulliver
  • Like her mythical namesake, Loreli is indeed a beautiful maiden, feline variety! She is a greeter who loves visitors to the ranch, especially if they bring treats.

    PuRR Project - Loreli
  • MAMA BIG EYES came to us with four beautiful babies who all found Forever Homes while she has found a home at PuRR.

    PuRR Project - Mama Big Eyes
  • MOCHA is a long-time PuRR resident and one of our “greeters” who loves attention and treats.

    PuRR Project - Mocha
  • GRACE is another Isla Cuale rescue who now lives in the PuRR gardens but would really like a Forever Home.

    PuRR Project - Grace
  • Dolly is a sweet calico who survived cancer and will live out her life in the shelter gardens.

    PuRR Project - Dolly
  • Dexter- A young guy…….passed up for adoption and finally went to live in the shelter, but still very sociable and loves company.

    PuRR Project - Dexter
  • Ulysses – One of our older residents, easy to spot with his vivid blue eyes & strong markings…..but not so easy to approach!

    PuRR Project - Ulysses
  • CHEETO is a an Orange Tabby who has lived at the shelter for years and likes to hang out on the front porch.

    PuRR Project - Cheeto
  • TACO is a rescue from the Marina Vallarta golf course where he lived in a pile of rocks…..but would prefer a real home!

    PuRR Project - Taco
  • Skylar is one of the many black cats living our their lives at the PuRR shelter. She is super sweet and super friendly and loves visiting days so she can have a lap to sit on!

    PuRR Project - Skylar
  • Carlos… ALSO had HIS eye removed and is now a happy cat that SO wants to be less feral but hasn’t quite crossed that line yet. He would make an excellent virtual adoption candidate.

    PuRR Project - Carlos
  • Caliope is a beautiful elderly calico but a bit of a wild child!

    PuRR Project - Caliope
  • Buddy – This sweetie is always at the gate ready to greet visitors and get a bit of loving!

    PuRR Project - Buddy

You can either visit our PuRR Project shelter to select the cat you would like to virtually adopt, pick one of the beautiful residents pictured above, or we can select one for you (usually the one that needs it most). We will e-mail you periodic updates with photos of your “adopted” feline!

You may want to consider the gift of virtual adoption for other cat lovers in your life!

Click below to virtually adopt


Cost: $120 USD / year
(only $10 USD / month)

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