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Because all nine lives are precious!

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- Charles Dickens


Maintaining a shelter in good repair, feeding hundreds of cats & making sure all their medical needs are met can be a very expensive proposition. Donations are tax deductible! We’re always so very grateful for your help!


You can adopt in two ways: Visit our shelter or our adoption booths, interact with our wonderful felines and bring one home or Virtually Adopt an “unadoptable” kitty that will live out his days in peace and dignity at our shelter.


Visiting the PuRR Project shelter and interacting with our cats is one of the most sought out activities here! Fun times for the entire family and it helps the cats to socialize, giving them well deserved rubs & goodies.

Welcome to PuRR Project

Founded in 2006 as a no-kill shelter where the adult population could roam free in a natural environment on a fenced 1/2 acre of land in the remote countryside north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We’ve come a long way since then, with an Adoption Program, a great website and organized fundraising.

PuRR Project has a permanent population of 180-200 felines. Kittens reside in our airy Nursery. Simona’s Senior Center and Macho’s House provide safe havens for older or special-needs residents. We also have an on-site clinic for our visiting vet, plus an Acclimation Bungalow and quarantine space. In 2012, PuRR Project USA was incorporated and our tax-free status encouraged larger donations and helped us to achieve much of this progress.

PuRR Project boasts many interesting sights

The Mexican ranch style house on the property is home to the on-site staff who provide daily care. Visitors are met by the “greeter” cats who are always ready for some lap time and treats. There is a “group litter box” in our gardens to keep our grounds clean – it even has a roof! A Rain Shelter provides another covered space and feeding time there is always a delight to see! The Kitten Nursery has proven to be a favorite spot for visitors to spend time. We have kittens of all sizes, colors and personalities. If you’ve never experienced being in a space with MULTIPLE kittens, it’s one you will always remember. But beware – you may not be able to leave PuRR Project empty handed!


PuRR Project is not a rescue organization in the sense that we hit the streets and physically scoop up cats in need. Unfortunately we are not nearly properly staffed or equipped for this step as yet. When space is available, we do accept felines that YOU rescue.


  • To provide homeless cats and kittens a recuperative stay at PuRR Project with the ultimate goal to adopt them out to loving homes sterilized, vaccinated and disease free
  • To provide lifelong care and a safe haven for those cats who are not fortunate enough to be adopted
  • Accomplishing this through our own efforts as well as collaboratively with other animal welfare organizations and veterinarians




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